Delaware Certificate of Incumbency

A Certificate of Incumbency is a document that is used to confirm the names and titles of the current officers (i.e. President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and/or directors, and sometimes shareholders of a corporation, or members and/or managers of a LLC, as of the date issued. A Certificate of Incumbency is usually requested from a company by foreign banks before opening a bank account, government agencies, and may be requested by other companies before doing business with you. While a Delaware company can issue its own Certificate of Incumbency, we've heard that this not acceptable when the document is being outside the US; the third party typically expects to see it issued by the registered agent. Delaware & Yacht Registry Ltd. can issue a notarized Certificate of Incumbency for companies using our registered agent service using information supplied to us by the company. If we are not currently your registered agent in the State of Delaware, you will need to switch to us. Ask us how!


Certificate of Incumbency: $150

Certificate of Incumbency with Apostille/Gold Seal Authentication: $265

Expedited processing for Apostille/Gold Seal Authentication: $355

We've discovered that our customers commonly also need a Certificate of Good Standing for this type of transaction:

Certificate Good Standing: $100

Certificate of Good Standing with for Apostille/Gold Seal Authentication: $150

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