Remote Notary

Remote NotaryWe have learned that many of our customers are having difficulty getting documents for their Delaware LLC or Corporation notarized during this challenging time. If you are located within the US, or even if you are outside of the US, and need to have a document notarized by a US notary, let us help you remotely!

In order to protect Notaries and signers, and to allow them to practice proper social distancing, many States have issued emergency orders to authorize Remote Online Notarization in response to COVID-19.



The Executive Order allows a notary public to witness a document being signed, using audio/video technology, and to then notarize the document.



Most corporate documents are accepted (e.g. bill of sale). Signer(s) can be located anywhere in the world, while the notary act can be performed by a notary commissioned and physically located in the State of Virginia. The notary act is recognized for use in the State of Delaware as per Administrative Order 3 by the State of Delaware, as well as many other jurisdictions.



Valid photo ID (US driver's license or passport; foreign passport only) and a computer or laptop with a camera and microphone for cloud communication, as well as the ability to electronically send a good quality legible image of the ID and document being notarized.

Most customers use this service to get scanned copies of their notarized documents only. The cost of this particular service is $100 (excluding any UPS shipping you may require)

The service fee to get an Original Document notarized is $200 (excluding UPS shipping of the original document back to your physical address)

Contact us to submit a request for a remote notary, or for further instructions and fees, or call (302) 477-9800.