Revive a Delaware Company

If a Delaware company fails to stay compliant because it did not pay franchise tax and/or file the annual report, or did not maintain a registered agent, its charter will eventually be revoked. Having the charter revoked often happens unintentionally for some of the following reasons:

  • The contact information for the company changes and the registered agent is not notified. When the registered agent does not have valid contact information, important communication sent to the company, such as annual invoices or franchise tax notification, could be missed.
  • Simple oversight, such as thinking a partner or accountant took action
  • Misunderstanding of the many corporate obligations and various due dates

Revive a Delaware CompanyThe good news is that Delaware permits a company to revive its charter with "the same force and effect" as if its certificate of incorporation/formation had not been forfeited, void, or involuntarily cancelled.

The forms, fees, and requirements to fix the compliance issues to revive a Delaware company differ depending on the situation, such as the business structure or length of time inactive. Many customers find this confusing and difficult to get correct without assistance.

To help you, our team offers filing service to revive a Delaware company, and we can also be named as the registered agent in the revival filing if you'd like to use our agent service. As the registered agent, we do everything we can to help our customers avoid missing critical deadlines.

Our revival service includes:

  • Name check (your original name may no longer be available)
  • Identifying and preparing document for filing
  • Review for completion & signing capacity
  • Filing with the Delaware Division of Corporations
  • Optional taxpay service


Revive a Delaware Corporation - $449*, plus applicable taxes

Revive a Delaware LLC - $480*, plus applicable taxes

* Add $25 to appoint another registered agent