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Delaware's Corporate Advantages

  1. Delaware is considered the most attractive state in the nation for organizing.
  2. Delaware courts have a reputation of reaching reasonable and fair conclusions when construing the corporation laws.
  3. Only one incorporator is required. A corporation may be the incorporator.
  4. There is no minimum capital requirement.
  5. The franchise tax compares favorably with that of other states.
  6. For companies doing business outside of Delaware, there is no corporation income tax.
  7. Delaware has no sales tax, personal property tax or intangible property tax on corporations.
  8. No taxation upon shares of stock held by non-residents and no inheritance tax upon non-resident holders.
  9. A corporation may keep all of its books and records outside of Delaware.
  10. You may have a principal place of business/address outside of the State of Delaware as well. (Depending on the nature of your business activities, qualification to do business in your state as a "foreign" corporation may be required. Please check with your local authorities).

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