Aircraft Registry

Aircraft Registry

Aircraft owners are among the most affluent of purchasers. Countless aircraft purchasers have recognized the advantage of limiting their liability by exercising aircraft ownership in corporate form. Delaware is looked upon as the corporate State for good reason. Delaware has no sales tax, no personal property tax and no intangible property tax on corporations. You as an individual can take advantage of these benefits through the use of a Delaware corporation. By utilizing a Delaware corporation to own your aircraft, rather than owning it as an individual, you may be able to shelter yourself from the above mentioned taxes. Additional tax savings may be realized if the aircraft is used for business purposes. It is important to note that sales tax shelters are situational. Many states have "user taxes" and the like. (We do suggest you seek tax or legal counsel from a qualified source to determine the tax consequences applicable to your needs and circumstances).

The process is simple and cost effective. Pick a corporate name which suits your purposes, or your personality. (We've had some odd ones). Delaware Registry, Ltd. would form the corporation for you, as described in the on-line registry form. Your corporation, of which you would be the stockholder, would then make the purchase of the aircraft. Since the purchase would be made by a Delaware corporation, the above mentioned benefits may be applicable to you.

Please contact our office with any specific questions you may have for aircraft incorporation (including citizenship requirements to register with the FAA).

The advantages of owning an aircraft through a Delaware corporation are there for you to use. Let us help you.

Thanks again for your inquiry, and should you have need for any information please do not hesitate to contact us.