Virtual Office with Business Address in Delaware (Business Presence)

Are you looking for virtual office space in Delaware? Delaware Registry offers immediate set up of virtual office space for your Delaware company at our office location through our Business Presence program.

This service was designed to give your Delaware company a physical presence, not just a registered address, in an actual office building in Delaware, but is much more affordable than renting office space.

  • Includes a prestigious Wilmington business address in Delaware to use on any corporate paperwork
  • 60 pieces of 1st class mail forwarding
  • Unique fax number with a Delaware 302 area code
  • 100% virtual (no property rights at our office)

In addition to significantly reducing operating costs, the benefits of having a virtual office include privacy protection for the home-based business owner, enabling him or her to avoid sharing a home address with customers or on public corporate documents, as well as a more professional appearance. Moreover, maintaining a strong corporate presence in certain jurisdictions may be more favorable tax-wise than a home state.

While not a term of our service, a Delaware business license will add legitimacy to your Delaware presence, and may be required by the Delaware Division of Revenue since having a business address is basically saying you "do business" in Delaware. A license can also be used as proof of address. License procurement is available through our firm as an add-on service. Keep in mind that obtaining a license may trigger tax filing requirements in this state.

We suggest you consult with your tax professional for tax benefits/consequences of maintaining a Delaware presence and/or license for your company.

To order Business Presence, we do need to be your registered agent, however, changing agents is easy and we can help you do to it. Simply give us a call at (302)477-9800 or contact us.


  • $550 Domestic/$715 International* ("Full"; includes fax number)
  • For those companies that do not find value in having a fax number we offer a discounted price. $385 Domestic/$550 International* ("Limited"; no fax number)
  • $200 State of Delaware Business License Procurement (includes up to $75 state fee which covers most license categories)

*Service expires December 31 each year.

Note: We have heard a virtual office will not satisfy DUNS, and some banks frown upon shared or virtual addresses.

*This is a basic mail forwarding plan offered as a supplementary service to our corporate services. Our focus for this product is simply on helping our customers receive their mail as efficiently as possible. Incoming mail is automatically forwarded by 1st class mail without review and there is no customization of how we handle your mail pieces. Plan does NOT include notification of mail received, mail scanning, mail monitoring, mail storage, or trackable forwarding options (i.e. courier); we are not authorized to open your mail under federal statute.