Corporate Kit

A corporate kit is a useful tool for compliance and record-keeping purposes so that you have the important documents you need for your business and a central place to store them in an organized manner. Copies of the organization documents and any amendments, business licenses and permits, tax forms, and accounting records are all commonly kept in a corporate kit.

While purchasing a corporate kit itself is optional, it is highly recommended to have one to reduce the possibility of "piercing the corporate veil," a concept of leaving the owners of a corporation or LLC personally liable for a company's business actions and debts in the event of a lawsuit for failure to demonstrate separation of the entity and its owners in the view of the court.

Delaware corporations are required by law to have bylaws, and maintain records, such as minutes of a meeting and corporate resolutions. And, although paper stock certificates are no longer necessary, the corporation must keep a record of stock transactions, such as the issuance and transfer of shares. Delaware LLCs are not required to have a written operating agreement or to hold meetings, so the record-keeping formalities are not as stringent. However, it is still a good idea for LLCs to do so.

Additionally, the formality of an official looking seal is still expected in many countries when doing business abroad.

Our corporate kit is an easy and convenient way to protect your assets by showing a separation between your corporate or LLC business and you as an individual in a professional way.

The corporate kit we offer is a vinyl three-ring binder with matching slipcase including your company name on a gold leaf insert. The kit includes:

  • Standardized fill-in-the-blank minutes and Bylaws (Corp)/Operating Agreement (LLC)
  • 20 customized customer stock/membership certificates
  • Transfer ledger
  • Corporate embossing seal with pouch
  • Special Forms including Federal Forms, IRS requirements for sub chapter S election, Medical and Dental reimbursement plan, Section 1244 information, and suggested meeting forms.

Kits usually ship the same business day or next. FREE Shipping for US delivery.

You are also able to purchase any of the corporate supplies separately, including corporate seals, minute books, stock certificates, bylaws and minutes. You may need replacement parts in event of a company name change.


Corporate kit - $70 at formation/$95 afterwards (shipping applied for international delivery)

Or, if you prefer electronically delivery for the template for the bylaws or operating agreement in MS Word or PDF and don't need the rest of the contents of a physical kit:

MS Word Bylaws/Operating Agreement - $70

PDF Bylaws/Operating Agreement - $50

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