Delaware Business License Information

Delaware Business License Information

Searching for Delaware Business License Information? Look no further!

If you plan to do business in Delaware, or your company is physically located in Delaware but doing business in another State, you are required to apply for and obtain a Delaware Business License. In addition, you may have professional, tax and county licenses to apply for. If you are not sure of your obligations in this regard, you will want to contact government offices in your locality.

Delaware Business Licenses are issued by Delaware's Division of Revenue. Applications and renewals can be submitted via the online system One Stop Business Licensing and Registration Service, or you can apply the old fashioned way via paper and mail the form in. If you do not have the confidence to go it alone, and many do not, you can hire an accountant or seasoned service provider such as Delaware Registry to apply for a Delaware Business License on your behalf.

The cost of a business license varies from $75.00 on up, depending upon its duration (1 or 3 years) and business activity. A one year must first be obtained, then at renewal, you'll have your choice between 1 or 3 years.

Note that when you apply for a Delaware Business License, you are actually creating a tax account with the State of Delaware. While there is no sales tax, Delaware charges a Gross Receipts tax which amounts to .0945% to .7468% of sales of goods or services.

In a hurry? A Delaware Business License is issued rather quickly by the State. In fact, if it is ordered online or hand delivered to the Division of Revenue, a temporary license is created and can be printed for immediate use. A "permanent" license is mailed within a few weeks after the application is accepted, and must be displayed in a "conspicuous" location at your business. When it is time to renew, the Division of Revenue will mail you a renewal notice in December of the expiring year.)

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