Delaware Company Name Reservation

Learning that your company name choice is unavailable to use when you are forming a company is certainly disappointing! If you wish to reserve a company name with Delaware Division of Corporations in advance of a future filing of corporate documents, it is possible to reserve the name with the Delaware Division of Corporations online, by submitting a paper filing, or preferably having our firm handle the reservation. Regardless of the reservation method, a name reservation will prevent other entities from using the same name while it is under reservation.

The reservation is good for 120 days and can be renewed. If the reservation expires, you can still use the name as long as it is still available, however, any other entity may also use it in which case you will lose the right to use it when you are ready to proceed.

We recommend you DO NOT make your own name reservation for the following reasons:

  • Doing so will increase turnaround time. We can usually obtain faster state turnaround time (1-3 working days) than the general public (4-6 weeks) due to our dedicated connection to the Delaware Corporations Information System. However, when we make a filing using a reservation you made on your own, the faster service is not available to us unless you pay a fee to expedite.
  • If you make the name reservation on your own, you'll need to provide a copy of the name reservation receipt to us. We cannot make the filing without it! If you lose the receipt, you'll need to pay an additional state fee to transfer the name reservation to us.

It may be good to know that submitting the filing to register or amend the name will automatically secure the name, so unless the name is critical, you can usually skip the name reservation and save money by simply having us make your filing.


To reserve a corporate or LLC name, our processing fee is $75 plus a state filing fee of $75 for a LLC. Tell us what name you want to use exactly how you want it to appear, and we'll check the availability and reserve it for you if it's available!

Reserve Company Name