Dissolve Delaware Corporation

Dissolve Delaware CorporationIf you want to Dissolve a Delaware corporation, whatever the reason, a document must be filed with the Division of Corporations to let them know you are officially closing the corporation in the State of Delaware. In most cases, all applicable franchise tax and annual reports, including for the current year, must be submitted prior to filing the Delaware Certificate of Dissolution.

Properly dissolving a corporation by filing a Delaware Certificate of Dissolution is important because unless you successfully dissolve the corporation, it will continue to be assessed franchise tax, penalties, and interest by the State, and will be responsible for maintaining a registered agent in Delaware.

All too often, a corporation is not successfully dissolved because the wrong Delaware Certificate of Dissolution (there are several) is used or incorrect fees are submitted. Delreg's experienced customer service specialists can help you with dissolving a corporation.

Dissolve Delaware Corporation service includes:

  • Preparation of document meeting all state requirements
  • Review for completion & signing capacity
  • Filing with the Delaware Division of Corporations
  • Optional Taxpay service


Certificate of Dissolution Service$135.00*
Certified Copy$125.00 Add Apostille/Gold Seal $50.00
Certificate Re: Dissolved Status$125.00 Add Apostille/Gold Seal $50.00

*Most corporations using our registered agent service are eligible to file a short form dissolution. If your corporation wants or needs to file a dissolution under a different section of the Delaware code, fees may differ. We offer dissolution filing service even if we are not the registered agent of the corporation for an extra $25.

Why not ignore the franchise tax and annual report obligation and let the State void the corporation's charter instead of voluntarily dissolving the corporation? Someone told me I could do that and it would be fine!

To summarize, failure to properly dissolve can threaten personal liability protection of the owners and lead to business identity theft. Business identity theft is on the rise and can have financial consequences - in this scenario, since the charter was not officially dissolved, you may be held accountable for any fraudulent transactions that may have been conducted by identity thieves, using your discarded company. Formally dissolving the corporation will reduce the risk of these serious matters.

If you would like to get more information or use our services to assist you, get in touch with us here and we would be glad to assist!