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(Fees quoted below assume minimum capitalization - no more than $75,000 of total authorized capital or 1,500 shares of No Par Value Stock)

INITIAL FEES (assuming minimum capitalization where applicable):  $375.00

Optional Services

  • $100.00 $75.00 Employer ID (EIN) Number
                              (This number is often required to file tax returns and open bank accounts.$100 if ordered AFTER company formation)
  • $70.00 Corporate Kit/Seal
                              (Includes minutes and bylaws templates, company seal, stock certificates and transfer ledger.)
  • $40.00 Corporate Seal Only

  • ANNUAL FEES (assuming minimum capitalization where applicable):
    (Fees are based on the calendar year and are not prorated.)

  • Annual Registered Agent Fee: $155.00
  • Annual State of Delaware Franchise Tax (corporation): $225.00
  • (You will be notified of these fees at the end of each calendar year)


  • $100.00 Certificate of Good Standing
  • $150.00 Certificate of Good Standing with Apostille
  • Country:
    (Country is required to order a Certificate of Good Standing with Apostille.)

  • $100.00 Certified Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • $150.00 Certified Copy of Certificate of Incorporation with Apostille
  • Country:
    (Country is required to order a Certified Copy of Certificate of Incorporation with Apostille.)

    MAIL FORWARDING (Includes Government AND Non-Government First class letter mail):

  • $180.00 60 pieces per year
  • $325.00 120 pieces per year
  • $225.00 60 pieces per year Overseas
  • $400.00 120 pieces per year Overseas

  • *Please note that as part of your registered agent fee, you're entitled to have first class government letter-mail as well as legal service of process forwarded to you at no extra cost

    More information about mail forwarding.
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    All fees are in U.S. dollars and subject to change without notice.



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