Lien Searches for Boats and Yachts

Lein Searches for Boats and Yachts

Whether you are purchasing a used boat through a private sale, boat dealer, or boat broker, it's important to do your due diligence to ensure there is no existing claim on the boat - by doing a lien search for the boat/yacht

A lien may permit the lienholder to gain possession of the boat if the previous owner failed to pay for some obligation. A loan or judgement for a debt for unpaid taxes or bills related to fuel or repairs are common examples of unpaid obligations that can result in a lien on the asset.

Many states are non-title states and do not comment on liens a buyer may not honestly disclose or even be aware of, and there is no centralized database to refer to making it challenging for you to research on your own.

As a comprehensive service provider, we offer boat lien searches at a reasonable price, so you can reduce your risk and make better informed decisions. Spending a little money up front may save you a lot of money later! At this point we currently offer this service in the following jurisdictions: Delaware, California, Florida and Texas.

Contact us by phone (302.477.9800) or by email here for pricing and details. Discounted pricing available for customers bundling our USCG documentation or Delaware boat registration services with a boat lien search.

* While we strive to provide the most complete information possible, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the information provided. The information we provide is dependent on the quality of the content of the State database we are searching.