Our incredible mail forwarding service allows you to have your mail sent to our business address - which we will then forward to your address on file.

For our domestic clients: This is a great way to avoid mixing your personal and business mail - We will collect your mail and have it forwarded to your address on file.

For our international clients: This is a perfect way to establish a US mailing address and have your clients send mail to you via our address, instead of using your local PO Box or personal address.

If you would like to utilize our forwarding service, subscription is simple and quick!

*Please note that as part of your registered agent fee, we will forward all first class State of Delaware, first class Federal Government letter mail, as well as legal service of process to you at no extra cost.


  1. Up to 60 pieces of mail per year: Domestic - $180.00 per year. (Outside the USA - $225.00 per year)
  2. Up to 120 pieces of mail per year: Domestic - $325.00 per year. (Outside the USA - $400.00 per year)
  • We will forward only First Class U.S. Mail (No packages, boxes, bulk mail, magazines, or UPS items)
  • In most cases, all mail will be repackaged and forwarded on a daily basis.

All mail to be forwarded for your corporation must use your company name and our street address as the corporate address - 3511 Silverside Road, Suite 105, Wilmington, Delaware, USA 19810.

Terms: Payment for one year's service in advance.

Sign up for Mail Forwarding

*This is a basic mail forwarding plan offered as a supplementary service to our corporate services. Our focus for this product is simply on helping our customers receive their mail as efficiently as possible. Incoming mail is automatically forwarded by 1st class mail without review and there is no customization of how we handle your mail pieces. Plan does NOT include notification of mail received, mail scanning, mail monitoring, mail storage, or trackable forwarding options (i.e. courier); we are not authorized to open your mail under federal statute.