UCC Searches in Delaware

UCC Searches in DelawareWho are we? We are Delaware Registry Ltd. and Yacht Registry Ltd. We have been assisting individuals and businesses with incorporating to provide liability protection, for asset ownership and commercial use, in the State of Delaware for over 35 years.

In our role as a State of Delaware UCC Authorized Searcher, we have been certified by the State of Delaware, Division of Corporations in performing UCC searches in Delaware. All our UCC Searches are obtained from the State of Delaware's UCC Information System.

How can we assist you? Delaware and Yacht Registries charge a flat fee which includes both State of Delaware and our service fees. The fee of $75 is per Certified UCC Search and is done to your specific request within 24 hours. The $75 fee includes both the acquisition of your search results and transmission of those results via electronic mail. Additionally, should you need copies of UCC Financing Statements filed with the Office of the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware, Delaware and Yacht Registries can assist you! With costs as low as $60, Delaware and Yacht Registries are competitively priced and always ready to assist with your project. For a full description of our fees and services please reach out to our Service Team. We will be happy to provide you our UCC order form and price schedule.

What is UCC? The UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) is a uniform group of laws that governs commercial transactions, including sales of goods, secured transactions and negotiable instruments. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) was created in 1952 and coordinates the sale of goods and other commercial transactions throughout the 50 United States.

UCC searches in Delaware must be performed by an authorized Searcher. Delaware Registry and Yacht Registry are authorized Delaware UCC Searchers and can obtain a Secured Party or Debtor UCC Search through our dedicated connection with the State of Delaware's database.

Why might you need our UCC service? While UCC Searches are frequently used by, but not limited to, insurance companies, accountants, banks and legal professionals, a Delaware UCC Search can be beneficial to individuals and small businesses as well. The UCC Search can be useful in a variety of financial interactions. For example:

  1. Construction/Farm Equipment Dealers
    1. be aware of liens and blanket liens against equipment
  2. Banks
    1. UCC search of an individual or entity will inform a lender of their lien position on pledged collateral.
  3. Business Planners
    1. before engaging in a Partnership or business, obtaining a UCC search on the potential parties involved, can give insight into the financial soundness of participants.
  4. Insurance and Real Estate Agents
    1. A UCC search can assist in providing background/credit details of a prospective client.
  5. Individuals, Large & Small Businesses
    1. You may be able to determine your prospective partner's credit worthiness and long-term viability.
    2. To ensure no unknown/unauthorized liens or encumbrances have been filed against you or your entity.
  6. Boat Transaction Parties (For Boats Registered in or owned by a Delaware entity)
    1. As Delaware is a non-titling state for boats, lenders may secure their liens and encumbrances utilizing a UCC filing.
  7. Private Investigators
    1. during an investigation, a UCC search can assist in providing background/credit details to a client. (i.e. Potential employer).

We make it easy for you to use our service. You may submit your order via scan or fax. For a single inclusive fee, we can obtain certified UCC Searches and Copy Requests, to your specification, and provide you an electronic copy of your requested UCC Search or Copy Request within 24 hours. (weekends, holidays and emergency closure days excepted). Once we receive your order, our service team will process and confirm your order. To obtain our order form, that includes a full description of our fees and services, please email your request here or telephone us.