Employee Identification Number - EIN (Also known as FEIN)

An Employer Identification Number, or EIN, is a federal tax identification number issued by the IRS to uniquely identify business taxpayers.

What is an EIN/ Do I need an EIN Number?

An EIN is not a mandatory requirement to create or maintain a company with the Delaware Division of Corporations, so many customers mistakenly do not realize they likely need one for their LLC or corporation. Even if the company does not have employees or is a single-member LLC, the EIN is needed to open a US business bank account, file tax returns, apply for business licenses, etc. without supplying your personal SSN to lower the risk of identity theft, and is an important step in showing separation of the company and company owner(s). This helps in establishing a separate identity for your company and helps reduce the appearance of comingling of assets.

You may apply for an EIN directly with the IRS, although this can be confusing and time consuming, especially when the responsible party of the business does not have a US SSN and US address.

We can help you obtain your EIN by submitting your application to the IRS as the third-party designee.


EIN Procurement - $100 stand alone; discounted to $75 at time of LLC or Corporation setup

Process time: IRS processing time can vary, but average turnaround time is 1-10 business days after we receive the correctly completed SS4 form. Once issued, the EIN can be used immediately for most business purposes. The IRS will mail a confirmation letter directly to the applicant within a few weeks.