Yacht Registration in Delaware

Stand-Alone Yacht and Personal Watercraft Registration

Yacht registration in Delaware is a very popular option as compared to other States as Delaware has straightforward requirements, as well as relatively low registration and renewal fees. Additionally, there are no complicated additional fees levied by the Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Since 1975, Yacht Registry, Ltd. has assisted thousands of customers with the registration of their yachts with Delaware's Division of Fish & Wildlife. Our experience gives us a firm advantage over other service providers in terms of required documentation as well as identification of any potential issues before the application is submitted. This helps avoid unnecessary delays.

While many of our customers have chosen to register their yachts to a company for tax benefits, limited liability protection and privacy, others have chosen to simply register under their own names. On top of yacht registration in Delaware, we also handle Coast Guard documentation.

What is needed to register a boat in Delaware?

  • A completed Division of Fish & Wildlife application
  • Evidence supporting ownership such as an original title
  • A Notarized Bill of Sale
  • Certificate of Origin or Builder's Certificate
  • Registration/Deletion Certificates if registered previously.

Yacht Registry, Ltd. reviews all documentation and communicates directly with Delaware to ensure quick, efficient handling. Costs vary, depending upon the size of the vessel and duration of registration, (1 or 3 years).

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